Color Rendering, Color Temperature & Brightness

The world's best LED desk lamps and LED task lamps are made by Lumiy.  Lumiy excels in three areas that determine high lighting quality.  Lumiy is renowned for its high color rendering (how source produces natural sunlight), adjustably of color temperature (user ability to configure the lights color balance to their own preference, and brightness (users ability to set brightness for their application).

Exceptional Color Rendering
Lumiy's lamps are engineered to produce the richest, most vibrant lighting available. Lumiy uses some of the highest quality light emitting diodes in the industry. These LEDs produce exceptionally lighting that enable black and white text to be clear and sharp and colored images to be bright and fresh. The quality of light is measured by the color rendering index. Lumiy LED Desk Lamps have a color rendering index of over 90. A perfect color rending index score of 100 is pure natural sunlight. Lumiy achieves this exceptionally high index score through superior brightness and color temperature. There is nothing better than a Lumiy LED desk lamp.
Adjustable Color Temperature
Lumiy's desk lamps use both warm white and cool white LEDs in its light array. This configuration of LEDs allow for the fullest spectrum of visible light to be produced from the cool white 6600k to the warm white of 1800k. Color temperature can be adjust on many of Lumiy's LED desk lamps. Competitors will only have either the cool white or warm white LEDs in their lamp resulting in less than optimal color balance.
Superior Brightness
LED brightness is crucial for having a high quality desk lamp. Lumiy LED desk lamp have touch sensor controls to adjust brightness and color temperature. In the case of the Lightblade by Lumiy, brightness can be dimmed to as low as 55 lux for ambient lighting or raised to as high as 1500 lux for maximum lighting of a work surface. Most competitors lamps produce between 200 to 500 lux which is hardly sufficient to light a desk or a computer monitor. Many competitors have a sleek, modern design, but falls short on brightness and color temperature performance.