Superior Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Energy Savings. The Lumiy Lightblade lamp use a mere 10 watts of energy.  When compared to a 120 watt incandescent bulb, Lumiy Lightblade LED desk lamp annual energy expense is $7.30 per year versus the incandescent bulb $114.98 per year. The tremendous efficiency equates to a savings of $107.86 every year.  

Ultra Bright, Long Lasting LEDS.  The ultra long lasting LEDs are rated for 40,000 hours.  Nearly 20 years at 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Financial Sense
Investing in a Lumiy LED desk lamp makes financial sense.  Within one years, the lamp has paid for itself.  Over its lifetime, the Lumiy Lightblade saves you $1,082 in electricity and bulb replacement costs.  
Superior Productivity
Brilliant Lighting = Superior Productivity. In addition to saving money, you receiving the benefit ultra bright, ultra vivid lighting.  High quality lighting boosts your productivity and is good for your eyes.
No Bulb to Replace. 
LEDs are rated for 40,000 hours.  There are no bulbs to replace.  Ever.